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The Recipe

for Beauty

functionality to encourage conversions, foster community engagement through social media integration, implement SEO best practices for increased online visibility, and empower the Camille Rose™ team with a user-friendly content management system for efficient website content updates and management.


These objectives collectively aim to elevate the brand's online presence, captivate the target audience, and solidify Camille Rose™ as a leader in the beauty and skincare industry.

Developed a revamp the online presence of Camille Rose™, a leading beauty and skincare brand. This website redesign project aimed to elevate the user experience, showcase the brand's essence, and drive engagement with its diverse range of products.

The primary objectives of the Camille Rose™ website redesign project are to create an enhanced user experience through the development of a seamless and intuitive interface, optimize product visibility and navigation, streamline e-commerce

Website Design

  • Research and Discovery

  • Design Concept and Mockups

  • Wireframes and Prototypes

  • Development

  • Post Launch Support


AUG 2023

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