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About me, MJ.

As an Art Director and Multifaceted Designer, I love to create - and I love even more what it yields. I've spent over a decade honing my craft, with an unwavering passion for detail, typography, and the power of visual storytelling.


I believe that design is not just a profession, but a way of life - a means to transform ideas into beautiful, meaningful experiences.

Throughout my journey, I've found immense joy in helping individuals, brands and businesses share their stories through compelling visuals. It's my ministry.


I'm a forever student of the craft, continuously seeking inspiration and pushing the boundaries of design. My commitment to staying on the cutting edge of design trends and technologies ensures that my work is always fresh and innovative.

Let's create art that speaks, design that resonates, and stories that endure. The gift of creativity has always made room for me, now it's time for me to return the favor. 


Art Direction

I'm here to be your creative compass shaping every element to tell your unique story, making it cohesive, captivating, and truly 'you.'


Creative Vision Development

Conceptualization and Planning

Creative Direction

Visual Quality Assurance

Timely Project Delivery

Feedback and Revisions

Final Product Presentation

Graphic Design

The creative force that blends words and images to breathe life into your message. My goal is to create materials that not only communicate effectively but also captivate your audience.


Any Print or Digital Design

Packaging Design

Marketing Decks (Print/Digital)

Social Media Templates

Digital Reproductions (Vector)

Animated Graphics (GIFs)

UI/UX & Web Design

In UI/UX & Website Design, my goal is to create digital experiences that feel like a warm, personal welcome. I design websites and applications that are user-friendly, visually delightful, and perfectly tailored to your visitors.


UI/UX Design

Single or Landing Page Design

Basic Website Design

E-Commerce Shop Design

Website Maintenance


Art Direction
Brand & Identity
Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Office
Google Suite
Public Speaking
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Presentation Design
Project Management
UI/UX & Web Design
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