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not as your were™

2020 - PRESENT

New York, NY (Remote)

not as you were™ is home of the convertible collar and cuff. A high fashion wardrobe essential that converts into many collar styles without eliminating the use of traditional necktie accessories. not as you were™ looks to push the fashion industry forward and inspire others to color outside of the lines of tradition.


Role includes:

  • Develop visual concepts and creative strategy processes from ideas to full campaigns for digital and offline media in support of the brand sales and advertising goals.    

  • Lead and direct the creative processes in the production of all marketing collateral.

  • Manage team infrastructure and project management for all events, releases, etc.

ui/ux design

n a y w - website_promo_Post 3.png
n a y w - website_promo_IG Story 4.png


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